Revision committee formation and first meeting

At the beginning of March 2024, a revision committee was formed and met for the first time to start the process of revising the urban plan and by-laws.

The aim of the meeting was to validate and establish the themes and priority projects to be put forward as part of the diagnostic portrait of the urban plan. It also laid the groundwork for the public consultation process.

The review committee is made up of:

  • members of several town’s municipal departments,
  • a citizen member of Sutton’s Planning and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee (PSDAC),
  • a citizen member of Sutton’s Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC),
  • a member of the Brome-Missisquoi MRC’s land management department and
  • representatives of Arpent.

The composition of the committee aims to achieve a balance in terms of representation, covering technical aspects at several scales of the territory. This diversity should enable more complete and fair decision-making, considering the various interests of the Sutton community.

The committee’s role is to guide the work throughout the process. As a result, it will formulate recommendations at several targeted meetings, and provide written comments following each key stage in the revision of the urban plan and by-laws.

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