Dream Sutton Citizen in action by the Two of Sutton

Citizen participation at the of Sutton

Dream Sutton was born in 2022 out of the municipal team's vision for the future of Sutton. On this platform, you will find all the municipal projects in progress that call for citizen participation.

The Town of Sutton wishes to involve all of its citizens in every step of the development of their municipality and their civic life. The Rêvons Sutton website shows the involvement of the Town to present every step taken in the  manifestation of projects that are of concern to the entire population.

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Upcoming presentations

Review of the urban plan

Drinking water supply

Sutton, proud of its identity

  • A large territory highlighting its rurality, its authenticity, and the beauty of its natural landscapes.
  • An exceptional environment, a carbon sink, where fauna, flora and humans coexist.
  • An inspiring community where organizations abound in cultural, community and recreational activities.
  • A nature-culture destination that offers major events around the arts and recreational activities
  • A unique mountain landscape that attracts outdoor enthusiasts, from skiing to cycling to hiking.
  • A peaceful municipality where citizens get involved and help each other.
  • A dynamic and welcoming village, where passionate merchants and entrepreneurs offer their wares.
  • A vibrant and animated main street.
  • Stimulating walking and biking routes to discover the architectural and cultural history of the territory.

Sutton, looking towards the future

  • An exceptional and protected territory, preserving the ecological areas and wetlands while providing a framework for the mountain’s development.
  • A harmonious living environment that promotes physical activity, healthy eating, community involvement, cultural and civic engagement.
  • An inclusive community where every citizen is respected in a spirit of welcome, openness and history.
  • A community space that brings people together to feel the heartbeat of the municipality.
  • A village for all, with affordable housing that encourages social and community interaction.
  • A green, dynamic main street, harmoniously balanced between businesses and homes.
  • Calm traffic with incentivized parking outside the town core.
  • Safe pedestrian and biking corridors to facilitate access to the downtown core and points of interest.
  • Revitalized infrastructure adapted to climate change.
  • A preserved and enhanced agriculture in support of a strengthened bio-food ecosystem.