Citizen Comments on Short-Term Rentals Posted Online

All the comments that were sent by our citizens on the short-term rental are now online.

At the September 29 public meeting on the fundamental issue of short-term leasing, the Town called on those affected or interested in the issue to provide input on the proposed changes by November 4.

No less than fifty-two people participated in this vast collection of comments, opinions, suggestions, and questions. We would like to thank our citizens for their active contribution and for the quality of their interventions,” commented Mayor Robert Benoît. Given the number of responses and the importance we attach to this subject, we wanted to take the time necessary to analyze and respond to them as part of our process of revising the urban plan.”

As this document is not immediately translated, the comments have been published in their original language and the responses are provided in the same language.

A new public meeting planned in February

As announced by the Mayor, a new public meeting will be held in February (date to be confirmed shortly). The Town wishes to present new proposals for regulatory changes that take into account the feedback received.

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