Results of the register held on the Vieux-Verger Borrowing By-law

The Town of Sutton held, this Saturday, April 29, 2023, a register open to all citizens qualified to sign who wished to oppose the Borrowing By-law No. 323 allowing the acquisition of the Vieux-Verger land. The number of 492 signatures was required to request that the project be put to a referendum vote. The result of this register shows 784 duly authorized signatures. Taking note of this result and as provided for by law, the municipal council will have to decide at the next Council meeting, on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, on the action it intends to take on the project according to the two possibilities available to it:

  • either abandon the acquisition project
  • or organize a referendum that will allow the entire population to express itself. The date of the referendum will be announced at the same meeting.

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