Great turnout at the workshop to improve the 16 projects eligible for the participatory budget

On Tuesday, July 18, fifty-five citizens were present to learn about the projects eligible for the first participatory budget. Of the 29 projects initially submitted, 16 had been selected by the steering committee on the basis of the criteria. They were presented at the workshop.

Participants had the opportunity to work in groups, in which the project leaders, almost all of whom were present, were able to explain their projects and answer participants’ questions. Comments and suggestions for improvement were collected, and opportunities for twinning projects were explored.

A table summarizing all the projects submitted for the 2023-24 participatory budget has been posted for consultation on the Dream Sutton website. You can read a brief description of each project, see which were admitted and the reasons why the others were not. 

The 16 improved projects will be studied by the Town’s administration over the summer to evaluate costs, sites and feasibility. The final list of projects, for which citizens aged 10 and over can vote, will be presented to citizens in early autumn, prior to the voting period from October 10 to 22.