Brainstorming sessions

Several brainstorming sessions were conducted with various representative groups in Sutton. Participants were invited to reflect individually and collectively on a comprehensive plan for the village core. The process aimed to gather as much information as possible, particularly all the needs, proposals, apprehensions, ideas and suggestions of people concerned with the development of the three municipal sites. The results of these sessions, and the ideas that emerged, will be compiled in a report that will be made public by the end of 2022.

The sessions were organized by interest or specialist group in order to gather a wide range of ideas and expertise.

Groups consulted:

  • Community and cultural organizations
  • Entrepreneurs and merchants
  • Institutional partners
  • Citizens (French and English sessions) COMING SOON
  • Architects, planners, designers, builders
  • City councillors
  • City administrative staff

The meetings with the citizens will take place at the Museum of Communications and History of Sutton where an interactive exhibit will present the information documents related to the process: studies, plans, summaries of the brainstorming meetings.

Come participate and contribute to the reflection!

Course of the brainstorming sessions :

  • Explanation of the process
  • Portrait of Sutton and the village core
  • Synthesis of previous studies
  • Presentation of community sites and real estate potential
  • Cultural, sports and recreational life in Sutton
  • Mobility issues

How would you define Sutton in one word? 

The people consulted during the brainstorming sessions agreed to spontaneously give a word that would define Sutton according to them. The result was very beautiful: look at all the words that came out!

Citizens, adults and children, will be able to add their own word by visiting the interactive exhibition at the Sutton Museum. The Town will make a final panel of these definitions.

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