A group of citizens designs the village core of their dreams!

In the summer of 2022, one of the Town’s brainstorming sessions brought together a citizen’s group including local architects, designers, and planners.

These skilled people who were highly motivated by the process, visualized together a professional plan for the town core of Sutton. They did so voluntarily. Their community-oriented ideas revolve around a new public square and a new community center at the heart of the village. Pedestrian/bicycle routes are subtly woven into the landscape and parking is decentralized.

Have a look at the plan and bring your own ideas! 

The Town of Sutton would like to thank Elisabeth Bouchard, Rebecca Bourque, Ilana Cantin, Renée D’Amours, Colette Roy, Emmanuelle Tittley and mister Alain Bergeron, Gilles Lavoie and Stéphane Lessard for their great ideas and their citizen participation.

This plan is a proposal that will continue to evolve. Please feel free to share your ideas and comments in the Ideas Wall section!

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